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miami nights

ε±±ζœ¬γ‚Ώγ‚«γƒˆ (Takato Yamamoto), Eyeball Bug and Roses II

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"can i ask you something?"

"you just did"


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Elephants walking through a rain forest.

Its been about a week that I’ve been in Florida. 3 weeks that I’ve been away from California. I haven’t smoked weed since then. My trip from slo county to la was alright. My flight from la to tx to visit my fam was okay. But not having weed and going thru withdrawals was so hard. It led to bad anxiety because I was not getting no sleep. Now my road trip from south Texas to Florida was crazy! Got to drive through a bad thunderstorm in Houston. Wtf. A lighting bolt stroke about 100 meters from our car :/ I panicked. Anyways. Roadtrip after that was alright. I was tired, confused, and just wanted to sleep. I got home to my new home and it’s been all great. I’m passed the anxiety madness; time zones change, different diets, weird sleeping patterns. I’m so proud of my self. I got told that I needed to be on medications! Lol yeah right. I don’t need no fucking Meds. I’ve been drinking teas, eating healthy and been taking vitamins. That’s all I needed. Now. Where the fuck I’m gonna find thc!!! Oh snap. I’ll get thru this. Lol I start a new job next week where I’m going to be managing a brand new beach eats joint ;) can’t wait to work full time and meet new ppl along with my bf ✌️😎 I’ll worry about finding some ganja out here later. How much you wanna bet the weed out here in Florida is gonna be weak as shit. Cali dank to east dank? Damn. I rather save money and fly in to Denver lol oh fuck yes. Goals my friends. Stay healthy!